Server management

Gametron is a game server control panel built with modern web technologies with focus on being easy to use. Gametron currently supports Minecraft, and support for other games will be added in the future.

Gametron uses a master-slave model in which a web-based control panel (master) controls multiple servers (slaves) that can host game servers.


graph LR; A[Master] -->|Controls| B[Result one] A[Master] -->|Controls| C[Result two] B[Slave 1] -->|Hosts| D[Game Server 1] B[Slave 1] -->|Hosts| E[Game Server 2] C[Slave 2] -->|Hosts| F[Game Server 3] C[Slave 2] -->|Hosts| G[Game Server 4]


Each of these three components are powered by Docker: the master, slave and all game servers are separate Docker containers.