Since our goal has been to make Gametron as easy as possible to maintain for server administrators, we have implemented a system that can automatically install almost all software updates for both the master and all slaves.

Update schedule

When a new update is released, the master and all slaves will update themselves within one hour after an update has been released.

The master and slaves install updates independently of each other. This means the slaves do not need to communicate with the master to perform software updates.

Even slaves with temporary connection issues will be updated. If a slave or master has been down for a long period of time and has skipped updates, all pending updates will be installed once when the master or slave becomes online.

Manual updates for more complex changes

In case an update is more complex and cannot be installed automatically, there is usually two ways to install the update depending on the complexity.

Most non-automatic updates can be updated by simply rerunning the installer. If the update is even more complex, some files may have to be edited manually. However, this happens rarely and over 95% of updates can be installed automatically without any user interaction. If an update needs to be done manually, you will be notified by email.

Performing a manual update

If you have received an email telling a manual update is required, check if the email contains any special instructions. If it doesn’t all you need to do is download the and run the newest version of the installer on the master and slaves you would like to update manually. You can run the installer with the same details as before (hostname, database credentials etc.).

If the email contains any extra steps, follow them to complete the update.

To rerun the installer, run the following command:

wget https://downloads.gametron.io/installer/gametron-installer -O gametron-installer && chmod +x gametron-installer && sudo ./gametron-installer && rm -f gametron-installer

Disabling automatic updates

It is highly recommended to keep automatic updates enabled at all times. By disabling automatic updates you will not receive new features and your installation may be subject to bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Automatic updates are enabled by default on all masters and slaves. To disable automatic updates, run the following command on the master or slave on which you want to disable updates:

docker container stop gametron-watchtower

To re-enable automatic updates, run:

docker container start gametron-watchtower

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates must be renewed every 3 months. You will be notified by email to the address you used when installing the master or slave when renewal is due.

A certificate can be renewed by following the instructions on Renewing SSL Certificates.