Database Servers

Database servers

Database servers are servers that have either MySQL or MariaDB installed. They can be used to host databases for servers that need to store additional data in a database.

Database servers are connected to slaves. Connecting a database server to a slave enabled database management features for all servers hosted on that slave.

graph LR; A[Database Server] -->|Is connected to| B[Slave 1] A[Database Server] -->|Is connected to| C[Slave 2] B[Slave 1] -->|Hosts| D[Server 1] C[Slave 2] -->|Hosts| E[Server 2] D[Server 1] -->|Has| F[Database 1] D[Server 1] -->|Has| G[Database 2] E[Server 2] -->|Has| H[Database 3] E[Server 2] -->|Has| I[Database 4] F[Database 1] G[Database 2] H[Database 3] I[Database 4]

Creating a database server

To connect a database server to Gametron master, follow the steps below.


  • Server with MySQL or MariaDB installed
  • User with access to the database

Setting up

The database user must have the GRANT OPTION privilege.

  1. Go to Database Servers → New Database Server

  2. Fill out the access credentials for the database and other fields

  3. Choose which slaves should host the databases of their servers on this database server in the Slaves field.

  4. Click Create.

Servers hosted on the slaves you selected can now create databases on the Servers → Databases page.